In early 2021, I was commissioned by Geist Brewing Co. to redesign their beer can / "crowler" labels. (Their earlier labels were also my work, but they were created at short notice, and weren't quite as refined as I'd have liked them to be.) For this new set, I had more time to design a nice open template and work on completely unique illustrations with distinct characters, colour palettes and visual styles for each of the labels, while keeping them united through composition and logo placement. My focus was on making these fun, vibrant, and collectible, and to create illustrations that are memorable and tell stories (as opposed to simply being slapped on to add a bit of pointless visual flavour).
To the client's credit, they gave me a free hand and didn't shut down any of my stranger ideas, which was super open-minded and entirely unclientlike behaviour. Of the nine new labels that I designed and illustrated during this project, the first four, seen here, are out now (as of August 2022) in stores around Bangalore.

Rough thumbnail sketch for the Geist Kamacitra label art.

Rough layout and sketch for the Geist Witty Wit label.

Rough sketch for the Geist Uncle Dunkel label art.

Rough sketch for the Geist James Blond label art.

Social media campaign video for the new Geist Crowlers (courtesy of Geist Brewing Co.).

Social media campaign photo for the new Geist Crowlers (courtesy of Geist Brewing Co.).

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