A selection of my artwork appearing in issue #295 of Interzone (the long-running European magazine of fantastika), accompanying short stories by Ai Jiang (We are a Little Hotel), J. Dianne Dotson (Copper), and Jonathan Laidlow (Strung Along in Seaforth) respectively. The art for Strung Along in Seaforth is a triptych spead across four pages. Seen below is the full first page, along with the stitched up sum of all three parts this illustration was a 2023 finalist for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Award.

Artwork for "We are a Little Hotel" by Ai Jiang

Artwork for "Copper" by J. Dianne Dotson

Part 1 (of 3) of the artwork for "Strung Along in Seaforth" by Jonathan Laidlow

The full "Strung Along in Seaforth" triptych

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